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Delivers the best sprinkler systems the industry has to offer in material, customer service, professional installations and service.


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Fire protection company offering Design, Inspection, Installation and Services.

Independent Sprinkler LLC, Our experience incluide, but is not limited to, all types of Wet/Dry/Pre-action systems, Fire pump/Jockey pumps and the installation of stand pipe riser. Independent Sprinkler LLC, has partenerd with a fire alarm company and an underground company to offer a complete package to meer all type of the protection needs. Independent Sprinkler LLC, is a non-unio fire sprinkler company with licenses in DC, VA and MD.

Independent Sprinkler was incorporated in Maryland on 2006. Their goal is to expand upon their knowledge and expertise to create a company unique to the sprinkler industry. Our superintendent has over 30 years in the sprinkler industry and our field installation team encompasses a wide range of experience able to accommodate any commercial, residential o industrial fire protection need.

Current market conditions have changed in the last year. Commercial projects hace reduced drastically in volume while government related projects have increased. The DC/VA/MD market is experiencing an abundance of local and federally funded projects. Our advantage to this type of market is our staff's experience working with these types of projects. Our design and field personnel are knowledgeable in the construction approval processes and all staff has security clearence ability. These key abilities stream line projects and allow us to increase our profit margin.

Recently we have expanded our Inspection/Services Division by partnering with an internet marketing company to display of keyword advertising on search engines like Google and Yahoo. These search engines use a variety of word word descriptive to our market. When these are searched our company is displayed and thus creates a lead.